December 31, 2012

Christmas Card Gift Tags

Saw this idea on Pinterest before Christmas, and was thrilled to finally have a use for those Christmas cards I  didn't want to throw away but couldn't justify keeping, either.  Convert cards into gift tags!  One hole punch later and I was in business.

Side note: This would be an excellent way to reuse cute gift bags and cards all year long; not just at the holidays.

I got the hole punch at Michael's for less than $10 (yay sale).  Hint: it's near the scrapbooking section, in the row with all the scissors.  I initially found one for twice the cost with all of the Martha Stewart craft stuff.  Persistence paid off here in looking for an alternative.

I'm a little OCD about wrapping gifts.  I like to match theme and if possible, match the wrap to the recipient. While this year's gift tags were very nice, I didn't have too many that were childish and cute for my nieces and nephews.  Making my own, I was able to do so!

I also came to accept that the tags were very fun if a bit off center and cropped off parts of the design.  They're spirited this way. :)

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  1. I may have to borrow this punch from you at some point :)


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