December 1, 2012

Deck the Halls

As my husband so fondly said last night "Crazy Christmas Lindsey is back."  I *really* love Christmas.  The decorations, getting the perfect gifts, the wrapping, Christmas lights, wreaths.  The whole shebang is my thing.  So last night I broke out the decorations and got cracking.
Also, I can't wait for our tree to get here!  The last two years I've taken advantage of the most amazing Groupon ever- free Christmas tree delivery!  No more debating if the tree I'm picking is the most perfect specimen of full, green, sappy goodness to grace that particular lot.  I get what I get and I'm fine with that.
Back to the cracking.

So this one is a Pinterest idea come to life, and I'm a big fan.  Silver ribbon, ornaments, and you're good to go.  I hung up my jingle bell swag and I think it's pretty happy looking in my kitchen window!

We're not judging my dreams here, right?  Because it has been a long time dream of mine to have a stair railing all decked out with garland.  And LIGHT UP garland at that.  Whoa.  
Now what's really funny is that I had forgotten this dream.  I opened up a box of decorations and there was a brand new 9' prelit garland sitting on top of everything, still in its packaging.  Hmm.  I don't remember buying that.  Well ok.  Was it to go over the front door?  I get on my step stool and try it out over the front door and it looks really goofy.  WAY too short.  What was Year Ago Lindsey thinking?  No way this works as door garland.  Hmm.  Take the step stool inside and think, let's try draping it over the big closet in the front hall.  Even weirder in terms of length there.  REALLY, what was Year Ago Lindsey thinking!?!  Oh, we didn't even have this closet last Christmas.  I know I was all excited about ways to decorate it, but if I didn't have that yet... what... was... this short garland FOR?
Giddy excitement and twisting around railings and 5 minutes and 3 AA batteries later I was a grinning fool.  Dream fulfilled, even if I had to dust away some brain cobwebs to get there.  Thanks Year Ago Lindsey!
[Side note: Now I have to write notes to myself in boxes of decorations.  I don't know if that's funny or sad, but it cracks me up regardless.]

At least I remembered what this guy was for. :)  I made this last year for my son, and he absolutely loves it.  When he saw it hanging up this morning he was really excited, and as you can see doesn't really care about the whole "one thing a day" advent calendar logic.  Craft foam, velcro stickers, pom poms, felt, glue, and glitter paint = lots o fun.

And our front hall set up (next to the aforementioned garland-less closet).  Festive and fun, though not quite complete.  I've did some crafting at my Pinterest Party!  Post to follow.

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