December 22, 2012

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree

Are you a compulsive keeper of leftover wrapping paper scraps?  Do you always tell yourself there will be *some* use for them?  Never mind that you don't actually have teensy tiny gifts to justify keeping a 3" x 2" piece of paper, or that you perhaps have individual pencils or pens to wrap that will be perfect for that one long strip of excess paper.  No, there's still SOME use.  Well, I've found it.  Now you can feel completely justified!  Using just that picture to kick start the idea, I made this cute little decoration!

I also had a little helper cutting scraps for me. ;-)

This was definitely a fun, simple craft for us to do together.  The only supply I bought specifically for this was the pack of snowflake buttons, and even that was optional.  We have tons of random buttons in my son's craft boxes that we could have used, but I wanted to indulge in some glittery snowflake goodness.


  • Wrapping paper or scrapbook paper scraps
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Box top (that's what I glued my tree onto!), poster board, or other sturdy surface.
  • Buttons

  1. Roll paper and glue end.  Trim to desired length.  Make the rolls progressively smaller, though it's ok if a couple levels are very close in size.
  2. Glue dried paper rolls to poster board.
  3. Cut a piece to be your tree trunk.  Glue a small roll of paper into the board, and glue the trunk on top so it kind of floats at the same level as the rolled paper.  Do the same with a tree topper, like a snowflake, star, or angel.
  4. Arrange buttons as desired, then glue into place.  You may want to use hot glue for these if they don't stay in place nicely.
  5. When dried, hang or prop up somewhere for all to see and admire!  Look at you, being all crafty and impressive.

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