December 2, 2012

Glittery Snowflake Wreath

Ok, last post for the weekend: I swear!  I wrapped up the last of my Pinterest crafts I had planned on doing this weekend, and just in time, too.  I got the e-mail from the Christmas tree company: our tree comes Wednesday.  YAY!
So back to this project.  This was one of my very first pins when I first got on Pinterest last winter.  So pretty.  I didn't have time to get to this one on Saturday, but I made time tonight.

So I credit myself on this one in a few ways.  I adapted a bit from the original, but in ways I'm really happy with.  By far I think my best decision was to wrap the flat foam rings with ribbon.  The original either used opaque snowflakes (mine are clear) or the world's most invisible foam ring because I sure didn't see it in the picture.  Anyway, I recommend doing the same.  It's really easy- just hold one end of ribbon against the flat foam ring, and begin twisting the ribbon around.  After the first few loops that starting piece is already held in place.  I didn't measure out a length of ribbon- I just kept it on the spool until the whole circle was covered.  Then I tucked the ends in and hot glued that puppy in place.

Supplies (per wreath)

  • Flat foam ring
  • Ribbon- your choice on variety.  I used silver on the foam ring, a wide red ribbon with gold trim to hang the wreath, with cream snowflake lace ribbon as an accent.  Probably about 5' of each type.
  • Glitter snowflakes.  Mine are clear plastic.  I definitely recommend plastic on this one!  Glass would scare me, and I think anything but thick paper would burn from the hot glue.  You could always use cold glue buuut... I don't know how nice it would look when it was all said and done.
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Masking tape

  1. Wrap foam ring in ribbon and glue last piece in place.
  2. Glue snowflakes onto ring, either just touching or slightly overlapping each other, depending on how many you have for your ring and the effect you want.
  3. Cut a long length of red ribbon to hang the wreath.  Vary the length depending on where you plan to hang it and how you want to hang it.  I put mine over the top of a closet door, so I allowed some excess to go over the door and tape it off to hold it in place.
  4. Cut a length of accent ribbon just over half the length of the red ribbon (you only need it to decorate the front with enough to loop through the wreath and extend up the back a little, not the entire length of the red ribbon front and back).
  5. Loop the red ribbon through your wreath, and glue the ends together.  Then glue the bottom of your loop against the wreath, front and back.
  6. Glue the accent ribbon in place at 3 points: the very top of your ribbon loop, about halfway down the front of the ribbon, and the back side of the ribbon.
  7. Position your wreath in place, and if hanging over the top of a door where the back won't be seen, you can tape it in place with masking tape.  The door being closed will do most of the work for holding your wreath in place (the wreath and ribbon are really light), and the tape is just to make it secure.  You may want to try another approach if using for a main entry door where you'll see the top of the ribbon all the time.

Doesn't that just look so festive and happy?

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