December 9, 2012

Cut Out Cookies

As my husband pointed out today, I just loooove decorating cut out cookies.  It's my chance to feel artistic. :)  I used my sugar cookie recipe and Martha Stewart's fluffy vanilla frosting recipe.  Two notes from this year's decorating adventure: it makes a world of difference using icing bags and fun tips, and omg do I love making frosting with a stand mixer.  SO MUCH easier!  OK, that's enough. Time for some fun pictures!

Christmas cookie bounty.

As I've been saying in many previous cookie posts, I'm putting together a cookie gift basket for a silent auction at my company's holiday party.  Hence the "To: USP" gift tag.  :)  I collected a selection of the prettiest cookies for the basket, but the tin I'm using for them isn't very big.  I only fit about 10 cookies in there, so the rest are allllll for me and the family.  Excellent.

I'm very proud of that wreath, thank you very much.  Also happy with the stained glass ornament.  I did a stained glass tree last year to rave reviews, and nobody wanted to eat it!  Also, I'm kind of in love with the simple tree in the top right corner.  It looks like it belongs in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Very proud of this year's cookie house.

Nom nom nomedy nom.

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