December 2, 2012

Ribbon Tree

I saw these great pictures of trees made with ribbon popping up all over Pinterest.  When I tried to track them down, though, none of them had any directions- just the picture.  So I made my best guess at how to go about this one, of course with my own edits.  This is the original picture I was using as my guide.  Seemed simple enough.  Things got tricky when I got to the top.  I'll walk you through that!

  • Spools of ribbon (at least 3 different patterns; I'd say have at least 5' of each pattern)
  • Seamstress pins (sometimes called dressmaker pins, like these)
  • Foam cone
  • Something as a tree topper.  I used a bow, but I've seen other pictures use stars, snowflakes, or big ribbon balls.

  1. Cut ribbon into even lengths (about 2 inches per strip).  Fold each length in half, being careful not to crease at the fold but leave it poofy.  Pin the ribbon to the cone.  I used about 7 pieces of ribbon on each layer.
  2. Alternate colors and styles of ribbon on each layer.  Overlap to hide the pins, and shift the positions a bit so that the upper layers cover some of the gaps on the lower layers.  Though this is not an exact science. :)
  3. Run your layers up to the top of the cone, and when you run out of space, form a cone out of ribbon.  Pin the cone in place.  I had to repin some of my top layer ribbons over the cone to have it blend in nicely.
  4. Position topper in the gap of your ribbon cone, preferably hot gluing or pinning into the foam cone to make it secure.

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