December 1, 2012

Pinterest Party

I had friends over today for what we all agreed was the first of many Pinterest Parties to come.  Each of us made a snack to share, and brought a bunch of supplies to make different crafts we'd been pinning to a secret board on Pinterest for the last few weeks.  Some were making gifts, others decorations, most of us making at least a couple ornaments.  It was a great few hours, with many repeat comments of "this is really relaxing" and "we're totally doing this again for Valentine's Day".  One of the best parts was getting excited seeing other people make things, getting input from everyone else while we were struggling to put things together or say "is this ok or need more [glitter/paint/jingle bells]?", and in general taking a more relaxed approach to making these glittery goodies.

I made grinch punch, which was really tasty and a nice little treat.  It's just Sprite and lime sherbert.

I also made a cheese ball!  And I just now realized I forgot to put on the green pepper stem to make it look like a pumpkin.  Oh well!

A little round up of our finished handiwork.  Really impressive, and this is just a sampling of what everyone did.  I did the confetti ornament, red and white ornament, silver glitter ornament, the golden snitch ornament, and the glitter reindeer silhouette.

When we were doing the craft round up picture, my ribbon tree was still missing its top couple layers.  I was in a predicament about how to top it, and ended up just doing a ribbon cone with a gold pom pom in the top.  The really sad stars I tried to cut out of the ribbon were just too sad for words.  At least the tree is pretty!


  1. You are a very fast blogger! It was fun, looking forward to Valentine's!

  2. It's easy to be a fast blogger when Christopher takes a nap. Also when he wakes up at midnight and I need to do something while he eats cereal while I want to be sleeping. :)


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