December 14, 2012

Cookie Gift Basket

Ahh, my cookie madness has reached its endgame.  We had the silent auction at work today, and after lots and LOTS of bids, the basket ended up going for $64!  Hooray. :)

I've broken down the basket into individual pictures of each container to share ideas for packaging.  It looked great all put together, but any one of these cookie sets on its own would make for a sweet hostess gift, stocking stuffer, or tag along to a gift.  I hope you enjoy!

Mountain of cookies before sorting into containers.  Over 14 dozen in all!

First up: M&M cookies.  I didn't post the recipe for these when I made them, but I will next time I whip up a batch (UPDATE: Here 'tis!).  They are SUPER nummy.  I bought a set of 3 plain white treat boxes from Michael's for just a few dollars.  Tied up with ribbon I already had, and a little label I made up and printed taped front and center.

Love these chocolate cookies with peanut butter filling.  A cupcake treat box from Michael's: less than $5 for a pack of 3!

Using the mason jar for the chocolate gingerbread cookies was a great approach.  They're delicious but with such a strong scent, could easily have made the entire basket smell like gingerbread spices.  This kept them sealed away and adorable.  I definitely will keep the mason jar cookie gift idea in mind in the future!  For just a few dollars each, this is a great way to have a really special-looking gift.

I loooove my mom's snickerdoodle recipe.  Even after freezing and thawing, these still tasted perfectly soft and chewy and smelled amazing.  I need to write up this recipe, too.

Macaroons are so small!  My batch of a dozen only took up half a cookie box, so I filled the other half with the small stamped cookies that were the few success stories from my failed attempts at stamped sugar cookies.  See- all worked out in the end!

Ommmm nom nom nom love these bad boys.  That's why they got an awesome special ribbon.

I adored these treat bags from Michael's (just a few dollars for the set of 3).  I printed up the labels myself to compliment these packages in particular.  This one looks great with the simple red bow.  Which really helps to show off those awesome looking cookies through the window!

...but that doesn't mean we can't use a fun bow on the next one!  Note the stain on the left side of the box from buttery goodness seeping through from the pecan tarts, hahaha.  I accidentally doubled the butter in the dough for these when I made this batch.  WHOOPS.  Delicious mistake = super delicate and delectable tarts.  I'll take it.

Ahh, these tricky buggers definitely needed to be showcased appropriately.

Another unique packaging idea: kitchen canister!  I found this one at TJ Maxx with the sugar and flour canisters in the kitchen area: $3!  Another great way to seal in unique cookie scents.  The guy who won the auction on the gift basket was amazed at the idea of these nutella chocolate chip cookies and was asking for all the recipe details.

Final assembly.  I found the basket on sale at Michael's for $7 the day after Thanksgiving.  Score!  What's funny is that I had it all nicely put together, then realized that I'd left out the decorated cut out cookies.  Crud!  Time to play tetris all over again.  But all's well that ends well.

Closeup #1.  Look at all those bows.  Thank you Crabtree & Evelyn for schooling me well back in the day.

The scent of sugary buttery goodness followed me all day.

Warm holiday fuzzies all around!

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