November 15, 2012

Starry Skies Box

Boy was my son excited about the huge box my new lamp shades came in.  First he wanted to play with all the packaging, then he was very eager to climb into the box.  Because he fit, I knew I'd finally found the perfect box to convert into a twinkly cave for him.  I got the idea from Pinterest, but unfortunately the website the pin goes to doesn't have the pictures up anymore.  Sorry I can't give proper credit!

All I did for this one was poke holes in the top of a box and pop a bunch of Christmas lights through the holes.  The blog used rounded lights instead of my pointy ones, which is probably a wiser move with a toddler.  ;-)  I'll be keeping an eye on how hot the lights get and how hot the box gets.  We don't want fire hazard crafts, people.  So that's your warning!

"Mom, I approve." 

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