November 23, 2012

Jingle Shadow Box

I got hooked on this project a month or so ago, and have been slowly building up the supplies and plan of attack.  The original used a decal from a scrapbooking supply company, and I didn't want to spend several dollars for each decal, considering I wanted to make a handful of these cuties.  Luckily for me, I was able to find a template for the text and jingle bell through a google search.  Taped that to the back of my shadow box glass, painted over it, and voila.  I just got the jingle bells at Michael's' black Friday sale today!  These are definitely going to be made at the upcoming craft party with my friends, now that I've figured out all the ins and outs.


  • Small shadow box (I found my 6x6 one at Michael's on sale for just under $5!)
  • Stencil, template, or other design if not free handing
  • Variety of jingle bells (I got a baggie of the smallest, a couple tubes each of medium and large, and a baggie of glitter ones in varying sizes, which should easily fill 5 of these)
  • Ribbon
  • Scrapbooking or wrapping paper
  • Paint (black, red, green, or white would be best)


  1. Disassemble shadow box.  Tape template design face up against back side of glass.  Lay glass down on a solid colored surface (white is best).  Paint on glass, using template as a guide.  If using stencil, tape stencil to front side of glass and paint within stencil guides.  Allow paint to dry.
  2. Place glass back inside shadow box.  Arrange jingle bells against glass.
  3. Trace outline of shadow box backing on paper.  Cut out paper and lay over shadow box opening.  Gently place backing in and seal shadow box.
  4. Gently shake box if necessary to arrange jingle bells as desired.
  5. Tie ribbon around edge of shadow box.  Hot glue in place if desired.  If using a thick ribbon, it should stay in place just fine without the glue.  Silkier ribbons may not.

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