November 11, 2012

Rustic Ornaments

Getting ready to host Thanksgiving, and I've come up with a couple ideas to decorate the table.  The first one was pulled together today: clear glass ornaments filled with outdoorsy stuff.  I saw a pin of these terrarium globes with aloe plants inside, and it got me thinking that I could fill some glass ornaments with bits of wood, acorns, twigs, moss, and berries.  I was able to collect these things for less than $15!  Michaels had all of the fake things I needed and the ornaments; the big tree in front of my house had all the wood chips, twigs, and acorns my heart desired.


  • 4 Clear glass ornaments: 2 large and 2 medium
  • Fake berries, either snipped from 1 floral stem or provided in a small bag
  • Fake moss (small bag)
  • Jute twine (desired length)
  • Acorns and caps
  • Twigs
  • Mulch or bits of fallen tree bark


  1. Pull out stopper on top of ornaments.
  2. Fill each ornament with a couple berries, twigs, acorns, and bits of mulch.
  3. Add in a layer of moss.  You can use twigs or tweezers to push around and arrange as you want.
  4. Layer on a few more twigs and bits of much.  Any berries added to anything but the bottom, sides, and top will just be hidden by the moss.
  5. Repeat as desired, going for a random look: not neatly arranged.
  6. Replace ornament topper and run twine through ornament hook.
  7. Tie to chandelier, curtain rod, hooks, or whatever else at varying lengths.
  8. Admire your skills of an artist.
Up next: twig and pine sprig place card holders!

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