August 24, 2014

Layered Circle Skirt

A little while back, I made a couple cute circle skirts for my baby girl.  She's getting bigger, and the newborn size skirt has started looking more like a tutu, so I decided to add a layer.  Easy peasy, and while I was at it, I ripped the old messy stitches on original skirt's the bias tape and re-stitched.  Things are nice and clean now, and extended the life of the skirt a couple more months!  I thought I'd share the easy steps so you can keep up with my sewing lessons learned.  :)


  • 1/2 yard fabric- same as top layer, or coordinating color/pattern
  • Bias tape
  • Sewing notions
  1. Fold top layer of circle skirt into quarters.  Fold 1/2 yard fabric for bottom layer into quarters.  Lay folded top layer on folded bottom layer, as shown below.
  2. Trace curve out of corner of bottom layer, making a bigger opening than that of the top layer (~1" further down from corner).  Measure out at least 2-3" past hem of top layer and cut.
  3. Unfold the top and bottom layers, and place them on each other, right side up.  You should have two donuts, with fairly similar openings.
  4. Flip upside down, and pin the larger skirt layer to the smaller top layer, just past the elastic of the smaller layer's waist.  Pleat every inch or so to use up the excess fabric and create waves that mimic the ripples in the top layer.  Sew.
  5. When you flip the skirt right-side-up again, your layers should be nicely attached.
  6. Pin bias tape, right side against the right side of the fabric of the larger bottom layer, and sew in the fold of the bias tape.  Cheating and sewing as you go, instead of pinning in place, may result in a surprise shortage of tape when you reach the end.  Oops!  I decided this just determined where the back of this otherwise perfectly uniform skirt belongs.
  7. Fold over the raw edge of the skirt, and fold again.  Pin and sew.
  8. Done!

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