August 28, 2014

Finished Cross-Stitch

Update: I won a 1st place ribbon for this bad boy at the Montgomery County Fair!  Woohoo!!!

This week marked a momentous occasion- I finished a cross-stitch piece!  These patterns usually take me at least a year to complete (not working on them daily), and this was no exception.  I can't remember exactly when I started this one, but it had to be about a year ago because it reminded me of a street in Venice during last September's vacation in Italy.
This pattern is a Dimensions Gold kit- Paris Market- that comes with the blank fabric, all the thread, and some needles.  It's 15" x 11", making it a pretty good size as far as these kits go.  This pattern has a really tiny grid, which makes for a beautiful scene that doesn't look pixelated like some cross-stitch does, but the trade-off of course is a ton of stitches.  In addition to that, there are SO MANY colors in this one, which is why I love it, but switching threads constantly also adds to the amount of time it takes.  In the end though, as always, it was well worth it.  I'm pretty sure this one will be framed and hung in the master bedroom.  Hubby and I both love it, and are happy to wake up to see anything that reminds us of that amazing vacation!

Close up of the yellow flowers in the bottom left corner, to show those pesky French knots.  I hate making those knots!  They add so much texture, though, and you can't skimp on them.  At least this one wasn't covered in snowflakes like one of my past projects!


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