August 24, 2014

DIY Curling for Kids

This is a WAY overdue post from February!  While watching the winter Olympics this year, my son fell in love with curling.  He wanted to do it himself, and with some quick improve we had our own home version set up in the living room.  He'd play along while he watched the US team each night and we all got a kick out of it.  I hope you can take the same idea and play with your little ones, too!


  • 2 plastic plates, like an outdoor or child's plate
  • Painter's tape, washi tape, or masking tape
  • Soft brush, like one used with a dust pan
  1. Tape off a square and a smaller target in the center of the square.  Tape a starting line far enough away from the target to be a bit of a challenge for your little one, but still close enough that they can slide the plate into the target.
How to Play (for 4 or more kids)
  1. Each round, both teams get to play.  Team 1 player sits at the line and pushes their plate toward the target.  Other teammate(s) pretend to swipe the ice in front of the plate with the soft brush.
  2. Team 2 gets to go.  Player sits at the line and pushes a plate toward the target; other teammate(s) pretend to brush the ice.
  3. At the end of the round, each team with a plate touching the box or the bull's eye gets points accordingly.  If both plates are touching, both teams get points (they do not cancel each other out).
  • Plate touching the large square (but not touching the bull's eye) = 1 point
  • Plate touching the bull's eye = 3 points.
Play 5 rounds, alternating which team starts each round.  Team with the most points wins!

If you've got just one kiddo playing like mine, improvise or just have fun shoving the plate at the target and seeing how they do!

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