February 2, 2013

Reusable Shopping Bag Child's Apron

This simple little project will go down in my personal crafting history as the fastest saw it-pinned it-made it! time frame ever.  I saw this adorable pin this morning to convert a reusable shopping bag into an apron, ran out and got some blue ribbon while shopping for other crafting goodies, got home and made this bad boy in about 5 minutes.  Excellent!

Velcro on the shopping bag handle/neck piece so it can be adjusted as my son grows.

Ribbon sewn to the bag for apron ties.

My handsome devil model.  He's just shy of 3 and very tall for his age.  The apron reaches beyond his waist.

Side view.  Shortened neck strap using the velcro and the apron strings tied in place.

  • 1 vinyl reusable shopping bag- the kind with a slick surface, not the all-fabric kind
  • Scissors
  • 1 strip of velcro (1 scratchy strip and 1 soft strip)
  • Ribbon
  • Needle and thread
  1. Cut the front panel off of your shopping bag, leaving the shopping handle in place.  This will be your apron, and the handle will be the neck strap.  (Bonus- you can make a 2nd apron with the back panel!  I'm sending my 2nd one to my niece.)
  2. Fold the panel in half vertically, and cut a curve out of the corner to make it easier for your kid to move his/her arms while wearing.  Look at my finished pic to see the shape I mean.
  3. Stick velcro on the inside of the top of the bag loop.  See second picture for detail.
  4. Cut two 12" or longer pieces of ribbon.  Sew one end to the apron and leave the other loose.  Repeat on the other side.
  5. TA DA!  All done.  5 minutes, I swear!
Alternative ideas- if I had a sewing machine, I would have used the bag bottom as a pouch along the bottom of the apron.  I just don't have the patience to hand sew that much!  The original post trimmed the bottom with pom poms for her daughter, and frills for her adult-sized apron.  Also cute, but not so manly for my little kitchen helper, so I left his plain.  Share your pics if you make one!

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  1. This is awesome! I love the monkey picture. Sometimes I buy the reusable shopping bags simply for the picture.


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