February 1, 2013

Crepe Paper Rose Pomanders

So you know how sometimes Pinterest lulls you into thinking you have more skills than you really do?  This pomander was one of those moments.  I knew it would be time consuming going in.  I really did.  I thought I was making some good adjustments by making a smaller pomander than the one I pinned, and was still mentally prepped for it to take a while.  It was my big Pinterest Party Project, similar to Diana's heart hole punch tree.  I'm very happy with it in the end, and did make a second one in half the time when I actually followed the directions and made the bigger roses with 20" strips of paper instead of the 12" strips I used for the first one.  I just have to shake my head at the evil Pinterest plot to make me more productive than I set out to be, and myself for falling for it all the time.  


  • 1 roll of crepe paper (the kind you use for streamers for a party).  I got a large roll but think a regular one would be fine.
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Small styrofoam ball, paper mache fruit like the one in this pic (my personal budget-conscious choice), or other small round something to stick flowers to.  A tennis ball maybe?
  • Ribbon
  • Long pin
  1. Cut your crepe paper into 20" long strips.  About 60.  I'm not kidding!  I just did a batch of a dozen or so at a time.
  2. Fold the strip of paper in half (not to make it 10", but the other way, so you have a long skinny strip).
  3. Pinch one end of the strip between your thumb and forefinger, and wrap the paper around your finger tightly to get the bud started.  Then loosely wrap the strip around the bud, folding the paper over from time to time to get a petal look.  Tuck the end of the strip into the bottom of the rose and set aside.
  4. When you have about 10-15 flowers, glue them to your ball, starting at the top and working your way down.  Don't try to create perfect rings or lines with them- you want them to look randomly placed.  I recommend doing bits of this at a time so you can tell how many more roses to make.
  5. When your ball is completely covered in roses, fill in the gaps with small scraps of leftover crepe paper.
  6. Loop a long piece of ribbon, and pin the end to the pomander with a long pin.  Glue in place.

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