September 23, 2012

Leaf Art

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, so I took my son for a walk in the woods with a little bucket.  We picked up leaves, twigs, acorns, pine cones- whatever was determined to be special along our walk.  When we got home, we converted these fun things into some pretty great artwork.  Googly eyes also have the ability to transform anything from "fun" to "amazing."  ;-)  My husband watched the very serious craft work laughing pretty much the whole time.


A little hedgehog and a bird go for a stroll...

while a wolf and a lynx prowl the forest...

at the edge of which is a beautiful glen, where there were butterflies, snails, and a friendly woodpecker.

Thanks to a site in Russian and Disney for inspiration!


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    1. Thanks! Like I said, googly eyes make everything amazing haha.


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