September 13, 2014

Framed Burlap and Bunny Silhouette

I came across this super cute framed bunny silhouette pin a while ago, and loved the idea of it in my daughter's woodland-themed nursery.  The original blogger meant it for Easter but pfft, why limit yourself like that?  They also painted the silhouette on their burlap, while I just cut mine out of construction paper.  I think my way is great, naturally.


  • Frame, such as this laser cut frame I got at Michael's for just a few bucks!
  • Paint
  • Burlap- enough to fill frame opening
  • Black paper
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue
  1. Paint frame white and let dry.
  2. Cut burlap to size, and use hot glue to attach to frame back.
  3. Print bunny silhouette outline (found here or here or going with any Google image search result you're happy with) on black paper.  Cut out bunny shape.  I cut inside the outline, rather than leaving that thick black ink outline on my bunny.
  4. Glue bunny to center of burlap.  
  5. Tie ribbon into a bow and glue to bunny's neck.
Optional: Decorate your bunny for the season!  Give him a trick-or-treat bucket, pilgrim hat, Santa hat, wings and a bow and arrow, etc.  Let your bunny be an active guy in your home!

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