September 18, 2014

Broken Herringbone Quilt: Work in Progress Part 3

This quilt is coming along nicely!  I'm maybe 80% of the way done with the quilt top (all the fabric pieces).  This week's detour was when I realized that I was starting to get some redundancy in my pattern- the same combo of pieces together.  No bueno!  Some rearranging and a critical eye helped me navigate those waters successfully, and get me back on track.  Here's where things stand now:

And in fact I'm even further along than that.  All those individual scraps are sewn into their Ts at least, ready to be attached to columns 3 and 4.

Here's how things looked along the way.

First bit of columns 1 and 2 sewn; laying out the bottom half of each column.

Got the Ts sewn for columns 1 and 2- just need to attach for nice long columns of fabric!

Also starting to think out how I'm going to manage the edge of the quilt.  I think I'll just attach little triangles to fill in the gaps, but to accomplish that I'll just sew on the fabric strips and then cut the excess, rather than try to sew teeny little triangles.

And that's it for now!

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