May 26, 2014

Red, White, and Blue Streamer Wreath

I saw this idea for a patriotic streamer on Pinterest, and unfortunately the pin goes to a defunct Tumblr page.  Oh well- I got the gist of it from the picture so no harm there.  Best part is that this is something you can make with whatever materials you have on hand.  I already had the right colors of streamers, but could just have easily used tissue paper, construction paper, etc. cut to length or strung together.  This also turned out to be a great craft to do with my four-year-old while we discussed what Memorial Day was.  At this age, he loves spotting and directing patterns, so he was all over making sure the red, white, and blue streamers were in order.
Beautiful end result. :)


  • Paper plate with the center cut out, to make your hoop
  • Red, white, and blue streamers
  • String or fishing wire to hang the wreath
Directions (photos follow)
  1. Cut center out of paper plate.
  2. Cut 6 lengths of streamer from each color, 2 or more feet long (arm's length).  While you want them all approximately the same length, exact measurements are not required.
  3. Tie streamers onto hoop one at a time.  To do so, fold streamer in half and hold looped end over rim of your hoop, with the loop kind of in the center.  Pull the loose ends of streamer behind the paper plate rim and through your loop.  Pull and adjust until the streamer is secure against the hoop.  If you pull too tight, you'll tear the streamer, but that's what tape is for.  ;)
  4. Repeat until hoop is fully covered.
  5. Tie a length of string around the hoop in one direction, and tie another length in the other direction, making an X over the opening of the hoop.  Tie another length of string where your lines cross, forming the X, and loop onto a garden hook, nail, etc. to display.
Center cut out of plate to make a hoop; streamers ready to go.

Blue streamer already done.  Time to do the next one.  Red streamer folded in half, loop over the plate, hanging out in the opening.

Loose ends of the streamer being pulled around the back of the plate and through the opening of the loop.

Pulled through all the way.  Now to tighten that little necktie-looking situation.

Gently tightened in place

Streamers all knotted in place, strings tied in an X over the hoop, and then knotted in the center and hung by a 3rd string.  I feel like I'm losing out on a football joke here.

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