May 3, 2014

Unique Teacher Appreciation Gift- Mario Brothers Flower Power

Who knew next week was Teacher Appreciation Week?  I didn't, until yesterday morning.  Well that doesn't leave much time to get situated!  I am thankful that my son's preschool has a different theme to follow each day of the week if you want to, especially because it got me started in the direction on this little gift.
One of the days is for flowers, which is great for all the female teachers but poses a challenge for the lone male teacher in the school, who works in my son's room.  Mister Rob is awesome.  He's young and funny and drives a car covered in bumper stickers for Nirvana and other 90s alternative bands.  I wanted to do right by him, so cue this twist on flower day: Mario Bros. flower power!  Grab an image of that flower and attach it to a baggie of fire ball candy, and you're good to go.  Here's what I concocted.  The Courier New font was a required element, I think.  ;)


Have fun coming up with your own version on this theme.  I can't wait to see what people make.  :D

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