March 16, 2014

Vacation Goody Bags

Continuing the post catch up, here's something I did in September and wanted to share.  My husband and I were going on a long vacation, but our son wasn't coming with us.  While he stayed with my mom, I wanted to leave him some goody bags to make it easier to adjust with us gone, and also have a count down to know when we'd be back.  It worked wonderfully!  I just collected some small toys and books from a little toy store near my house (each item only a dollar or two) and put them in paper bags.  Easy to do with a big payoff.  Perfect!


  • Paper bags
  • Small toys, stickers, and books (1 for each day you are gone)
  • Markers
  • Tape
  1. On each paper bag, write a day of the week when you'll be gone, with a countdown saying how many days until you're back.  (Tuesday, September 24.  Mommy + Daddy will be back in 4 days!)
  2. Put a toy in the bag and tape closed.
  3. Repeat for each day you'll be gone.  Try to vary up the toys to spread out similar items so they don't get all the stickers at once, then all the books, etc.

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