December 10, 2013

Pregnancy Announcement

What better, more accurate way to say "Woo hoo!  I'm a pregnant, achy, nauseous, blob!" than with adorable snowmen?  That's how my hubby and I broke the news today, with this picture:

We've got daddy snowman wearing his beloved Steelers hat, momma in my hat, little kid snowman in my son's hat, and a baby snowman wearing an old baby cap and pacifier.  Roll up some snowballs, decorate with buttons and carrot noses, twig arms, family winter gear, and you're in business.

Also, I finally finished my MBA.  Is this a week for celebrating or what?  Bonus: now I have time to blog again!  Believe me, I've got a piled up bunch of pics and topics for posts and just needed the time (and absence of nausea) to write them all out.

Happy holidays!

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