December 26, 2013

Candy sleigh gifts

So we all run into that situation where you need a little gift for your coworkers, a neighbor, or acquaintance to show that you care without breaking the bank.  Especially when you need to make multiples of said gift!  Cue this adorable idea I got from Pinterest last year, modified to be more affordable and use tape instead of hot glue.  The original pin used full size candy bars with pyramids of candy on top!  Maybe that works if you're making just one or two of these cute sleighs, but when you have to make a dozen, break out the mini candy.  I was able to put all 12 of these together for less than $20, with supplies to spare.  Also?  Mine have little sleigh drivers who bobble and sway for your gift givees, which is a bonus dash of holiday cheer.  ;)

Supplies (for 12 sleighs)

  • 24 full size candy canes
  • 12 pieces of cardstock, cut approx. 3" x 4" (just large enough to be a base for your sleigh)
  • 12 mini Reese's peanut butter trees
  • 1 bag of Kit Kat minis (enough to have 24)
  • Toy toppers (I got mine from Oriental Trading Co.)
  • Ribbon
  • Tape
Directions (photos to follow)
  1. Tape two candy canes to a piece of card stock.  I recommend taping each candy cane at each end of the card, rather than at just one spot, so your candy cane doesn't tip over.
  2. Tape the Reese's to the card stock between the candy canes.
  3. Tape the Kit Kat minis on top.
  4. Tape the toy topper at one end to the candy.
  5. Wrap your ribbon around the sleigh multiple times, and tie with a bow on top.  (Optional: slide a gift tag on the ribbon before tying, or place a sticker for your recipient somewhere on the sleigh.)
Tape candy canes in place one at a time, at each end of the card.  You want the candy cane near the edge.

Other candy cane in place, and Reese's tree taped in the middle.

Layered on the Kit Kat minis and our topper- almost done!

Make it festive with a bow, and this guy is ready for business.

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