July 14, 2013

Dry Erase Menu Planner

For years now, I've realized that the only way I will actually buy the right groceries each week is to plan out what I'm going to make for dinner all week long.  I write my little weekly menu on the back of the grocery list before I go to the store, double check my ingredients and add to the list as necessary, and off I go.  When I get home, I stick the shopping list back on the fridge, but now showing the back side with the menu plan.  While my husband likes to tease that I never actually FOLLOW this plan, I really do a good 80% of the time or more.
However, my little shopping list menu isn't exactly nice looking, even if it is functional.  It is also impossible to read from any kind of distance if I'm trying to remember what's up for tonight's dinner, or if I need to take anything out of the freezer for tomorrow's.  Cue a combination of pinterest ideas and voila: dry erase menu planner.  Did you realize you could just write on glass with a dry erase marker (or laundry marker) and it will wipe right off?  Put some cute scrapbook paper in a frame, and I could have my menu written up for all to see easily and nicely!  I went from idea to execution in the same day, for about $15.

  • Picture frame (I chose a 3-photo frame so it would be nice and long, fitting in well with the cabinet I wanted to hang it on.
  • Command wall hook (5-lb sturdy kind) or a nail to hang it from
  • Ribbon (if using the wall hook)
  • 2 pieces of Scrapbook paper
  • Dry erase marker or laundry pen
  1. Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frame, overlapping so that the patterns align.  Place in frame.
  2. Hang the wall hook or nail in desired location; let stand for a while before hanging picture from it.
  3. Run the ribbon through the hanging hardware on the back of the frame.  Knot securely and either hide the knot behind the frame, or tie a nice bow over the knot if exposing.
  4. Write out weekly menu on the glass using the dry erase marker.  
  5. Hang and marvel at your simple genius!

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