July 19, 2013

Anniversary Photo Collage- City Skylines You've Seen Together

Well, today is my 10-year wedding anniversary.  So far, it's been a wonderful day.  Really touching notes and comments from my husband, family, and friends.  Beautiful gifts exchanged, flowers from my sister-in-law, and we're on deck for a movie marathon tonight so we can get caught up on the 2013 blockbusters. :)
One gift that I made for my husband was really special, and everyone who has seen it has really liked the idea.  I knew I had to share it here, once I'd given it to the lucky man of the day of course!
I compiled a photo collage of all the places we'd been together over the years.  I started jotting down the trips months back, and would add to the list as I remembered them.  What actually helped was listing them in chronological order.  Certain memories would trigger others, and I'd remember some trips as before we had our son or after, before we moved to Maryland or while we still lived in Pittsburgh, etc.
Over the last few weeks, I started googling city skylines for each of these places.  I'd nab a good shot, edit the photo to make it black and white, and save it to the collage.  For once, my little OCD planner didn't come out to count the number of photos, calculate the size for each photo to fit a given layout size, etc. Surprising that that OCD me laid dormant!  So I had a few rearrangements to make before all was said and done, in order to properly fill the final 11x14 layout.  That's my only caution should you tackle this project, too.  :)


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