January 31, 2014

Monster Patch

I saw this cute pin years ago, and haven't really needed it until now.  Cue a growing hole in my son's jeans, and a bit of sewing later, and I had my very own version of the monster patch to share.  This is a great way to use up little scraps of fabric you have left over from other projects, by the way!


  • Red fabric, enough to back hole with some excess past it
  • White fabric for detail
  • Black and white thread
  • Sewing needle
  1. Trim away straggling fabric stretching across the hole, but leave raggedy edges along the outside.
  2. Cut out piece of red fabric large enough to cover hole in jeans, extending at least 1/4" past the hole.  Pin in place inside the leg of the jeans so that the hole sits on top of the fabric.
  3. Cut out white fabric for teeth.  Position onto red fabric, beneath the hole (inside the leg of the jeans).
  4. Sew red and white fabric into place on the jeans, using the black thread, with back stitches.  Be careful to sew far enough past the hole that the stitches will hold, and not tear out on the shredded fabric when tension is introduced.  Turn pant leg inside out and knot securely when finished.
  5. If desired, use white thread to sew teeth into place so they are not loose (I did).
  6. Cut out two circles for eyes.  It's actually cute if they aren't a perfect match.  Sew in place with white thread, using back stitches.
  7. Sew pupils with black thread, like you are embroidering.  Again, different sizes increase the cute factor- don't stress over making them perfect circles or even.
  8. Trim any excess thread on the outside of the jeans, then turn inside out and trim any excess on the inside.  Make sure that all thread is secure and will not unravel with wear and washing.

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