September 10, 2013

Candy Corn Wreath

I'm officially a wreath convert.  I watched my friends make wreaths at our previous Pinterest parties, nodded, and went about my mixture of pin wins and pinstrosities without excessive crafting envy.  Granted, Sarah makes a MEAN wreath, but in pretty much all things crafty she puts me to shame so I don't kid myself that I could pull of one of her wreaths.  This time, however, I found one that was that perfect fit of awesome looking and yet at my skill level.  Thanks to The House of Smiths for this keeper!

I did need more fabric than the post called for (maybe because I used broadcloth, not canvas fabric?), so a quick JoAnne's Fabric run later and I was back in business.  I also tried to give some pics to show how I fluffed out my fabric, manipulating it a bit differently from the original post as well.

Look how nice!


  • 13-inch foam wreath
  • 1/2 yard of plain muslin, cut into 3-inch wide strips
  • 1 1/2 yards white broadcloth, cut into 4-inch squares
  • 1 1/2 yards yellow broadcloth, cut into 4-inch squares
  • 1 1/2 yards orange broadcloth, cut into 4-inch squares
  • Pack of ~800 small straight pins (like these)
  • Black ribbon
(pictures follow)
  1. Wrap muslin strips closely around foam wreath, pinning into place at the beginning and end of each strip.  This will provide a uniform background for your fabric squares.
  2. Cut your fabric into 4" squares.  They don't all have to be perfectly 4" so don't make yourself crazy with exact measurements here.  It's also okay if your fabric frays a bit on the edges- this craft is all about the rumpled/wavy look.
  3. Portion off your wreath before you get a bit too "can't see the forest for the trees", trying to evenly divide the top, middle, and bottom portions for your different colors.  Maybe colored string would help?  Chalk?  I ended up pulling pins and rearranging at the later stages to get my colors more even.
  4. Fold each colored square in half, and then in half again.  Fan out slightly, and pin the folded corner to the wreath.  Fluff out the square a bit, and repeat times A LOT.  :)  Be prepared for a few hours of effort, here.  And use up that fabric!  Make it nice and full!
  5. When wreath is filled in, time to top it off!  Cut a long strip of black ribbon, and tie a neat bow.  Use a straight pin to attach to wreath (or hot glue).  I also cut a loop of fabric and used a few pins to attach it to the back of the wreath for hanging.  It's holding strong.
  6. Talk about how impressed you are with yourself until you get hoarse.  You've earned it.

And the helpful pics to walk you through this.

4" square.

Fold in half.

Fold in half again, and fan out.

Pin in the folded corner.  See that teeny tiny pin?

Pin to the wreath.

Put fingers into the curved/folded parts of your square, and fluff out.

Give it a nice wiggle and twist till you're happy.

Ta da!  Now I need to go fluff the other squares around it.  Sigh.  ;)

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