March 8, 2013

Cotton Ball Easter Bunny Craft

Realizing the clock is ticking toward Easter, I was shocked my son and I hadn't done any crafts for it yet!  That was easily rectified with some cotton balls.


  • About 20 cotton balls
  • Construction paper or other surface to glue everything to
  • Pink felt or construction paper for ears and nose
  • White yarn for whiskers
  • White construction paper for eyes
  • Black construction paper for eyes and mouth
  • Glue
  1. Trace an outline of a bunny head for your toddler to use as a guide when gluing down the cotton balls.
  2. Prepare the features in advance by cutting from felt or construction paper:
    • 2 pink ovals for ears
    • 2 white ovals for eyes
    • 2 black circles for pupils
    • 8 bits of yarn for whiskers
    • 1 pink triangle for nose
    • 1 black mouth
  3. Let your toddler pick a cotton ball, you can add a dab of glue, and help them glue it within the outline.
  4. When the cotton balls are all glued down, glue the features one by one.  For the whiskers, I just added a glob of glue on each side of the nose and we attached one end in the glob.  Gluey finger tips ensued.  The other end of the whiskers pretty much sticks to the cotton balls anyway but isn't glued down.
The outline does not have to be beautiful.  It gets covered by the cotton balls.  ;)

Bunny building stockpile.

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