March 31, 2013

Bunny Cinnamon Rolls

I saw an adorable pic on Pinterest of cinnamon rolls reshaped into a bunny silhouette.  Hey- I can do that!  And I did, but I'm still not sure whether this should be classified as a pinstrosity or a pin win.  The end product was certainly  tasty if not quite looking the way I wanted it to, and the poor little bunny tails fell off left and right.  For a first try though, I give this a pass.  Let's see if my experience can be of any help to you. ;)


  • 1 tube of premade cinnamon rolls with icing
  1. Unroll the individual cinnamon rolls.  This may involve some tearing to get it started.  Tear off the end of the rope (which was the center of the cinnamon roll) and set aside for your bunny tail.  Roll the dough into an even rope (yes, you must do this, otherwise you get weird non-bunnies and sigh and realize you have to do it after all).  My ropes were lumpy and uneven and they resulted in some... odd looking... bunnies...  so be sure the ropes are nice and even, okay?  Twist the rope to make the bunny shape.  Nestle the bunny tail into the hole at the bottom of the twist.  I just set mine on top and that wasn't enough- the tail really needs to be inside the hole as part of the bunny.  Shape the bunny ears as desired.
  2. Bake as directed- mine took 9 minutes at 400°.
  3. Spread icing on warm rolls and let sit.
Shaped dough bunnies.  Hey, we're looking good here!

Baked bunnies. Some are cute and bunny shaped others... ummmm...

Yay for frosting!  Still, that 3rd "bunny" on the bottom row is just not right.

Hey this little guy looks pretty darned perfect!  This is why I will credit myself with a partial pin win.

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