August 21, 2012

Backlog Part 2: Closet Organization

Earlier this year, Spring cleaning struck home in a bad way.  I started an MBA program this year, and was realizing more and more that I needed a functional office in the house- not the junk room with a bed and desk we currently had.  Evidence below:

Things are cluttered and at best sorted into mini piles all over.  I didn't have any work space and my textbooks didn't have a useful home.  A trip to HomeGoods and The Container Store fixed that for me!

Ahh, now THAT is amazing.  And it has stayed in tact all summer!

Green/white patterned oval cardboard storage bins: HomeGoods
White oval cardboard storage bin: Ikea
Large white rectangular cardboard storage bins: Container Store
Dark brown media baskets: Container Store
Clear/white floral plastic storage bins: Container Store
White plastic desk organizers (2): Container Store

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