August 18, 2012

Backlog Part 1: Map Coasters

Before getting under way with new projects, recipes, and assorted whatnots, I thought I'd first capture some of the things I've edited over the last few years of domestic awesomeness.  First one is a little project I came up with after getting a set of pretty photo coasters during a white elephant gift swap at Christmas a few years ago.  I nabbed that gift because I had an idea right away- instead of pictures, I wanted to fill the coasters with maps of places significant to me and my husband.  My husband loves maps, and they're all over the man cave in the basement.  So with some help from different map searches, and when all else failed Google Maps, I printed out little color maps of where each of us went to college, where we met, and the city where we were married.  I was pretty pleased with myself and my husband was impressed, too!

 I was even sneaky with how I matched colors to maps: blue for the peninsula, yellow to reflect Pittsburgh team colors, purpose for my college's color, and green because that's what was left over.

See, just a little map print out to slide in the photo part of the coaster. Easy peasy. 

I liked this map a lot.  With such a small space to work with, it was hard to be selective in which parts of the map to use while still keeping it magnified enough to know what in the world the map is of.

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