November 15, 2014

Copycat Pottery Barn Glitter House

Continuing my trend of redoing Pottery Barn decor for a fraction of the price, I bring you my $2 glitter house!  That's right- instead of spending $30-$40 for a flimsier version from Pottery Barn, you can make your own sparkly gorgeous glittery houses for just a couple dollars each.
I first fell in love with the idea of a snowy white gingerbread house when I saw an adorable pin on Pinterest a couple years ago.  The link it went to is now defunct, but you can still see the picture here.  This has been at the back of my mind since, and when I came across a super cute plain gingerbread house at Michael's, it all started to come together.


  • Unpainted wood house from Michael's (usually ~$5; take advantage of sales and coupons to get it for just $2)
  • White craft paint
  • Mod podge
  • Fine white glitter
  • Clear spray paint
  1. Paint the whole house with white paint.  Let dry.
  2. Coat in Mod podge, small sections at a time, and sprinkle with glitter before glue dries.  Let dry all over.
  3. Spray with clear spray paint to set the glitter, so it doesn't come off every time you touch the house!
Suggestions: Add small bottle brush trees, use silver glitter for accents like the roof and windows, hand paint designs in contrasting colors like green or gray.

Ooooo.  Aaaahhhh.

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