October 25, 2014

Side Table Makeover: $5 Flea Market Flip!

Well the last couple weeks have been very busy, but I promise I've still been cooking, quilting, and DIY-ing.  Today's adventure was to make over a happy little side table I got at the Harper's Ferry Flea Market.  Remember in my post about the copycat Pottery Barn candle holders, when I showed off the batch of goodies my husband and I got for $25?  Well this is the side table from that haul.

I liked the shape, and it's a great little size to sit next to the couch and hold a drink while I'm watching TV.  It was wobbly and just needed to be reassembled with some wood glue, really.  I also wanted to sand it down and give it a nice coat of navy blue paint so it could be a happy, well adjusted member of my living room furniture family.

See?  What a nice size.

Our before shot.



Primed.  I used the Zinsser primer again- the one I used on the dresser makeover.


The after picture.  Ooo. Aaa.

Just used basic craft paint for the table, and wood glue in each joint when I reassembled.


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