May 4, 2013

Moving Day Kit

One of my favorite people recently moved away, and I was tasked with coordinating her office goodbye party.  Everyone chipped in for a Home Depot gift card, and I wanted to put together a cute housewarming gift I'd seen on Pinterest.  As I poked around Marshall's and Target, though, the gift evolved more into a moving day survival kit.  This idea was a hit, so I thought I'd share my version.

From the original pin, I nabbed a bright dish rag and sponge to help clean things up while getting settled in.  And of course we needed some toys for her cat.  A little bottle of Aleve and a first aid kit would cover moving aches and pains, while a Tide to go pen and Downy wrinkle release help manage the inevitable stains and rumpled "omg I just moved" factor.  

With some determination, I managed to fit all the goodies in this super cute glass container with a chalkboard front.

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