April 6, 2014

Egg Carton Bouquet of Flowers

This is the perfect weekend craft with a toddler.  Fine motor skills not needed from your helper, and pretty much no matter what you get an adorable result.

For our display, I first cut the cups off an empty egg carton, cut and shaped in different flower styles, and then let the painting rumpus start.  Once dry, a quick slit with an x-acto knife in the bottom of each cup made it easy to slide the flowers onto their popsicle stick stems.  A quick rummage through the recycling bin turned up our vase- an empty Morton's salt container.  We covered with scrapbook paper my son picked out (I am in love with this notion of having a huge pad of scrapbook paper on hand!), plopped in our flowers, and we were golden!
The beauty of this, though, is that you can really use any supplies you have on hand.  The egg carton flowers are light enough that I think you could use pipe cleaners or even twisted and painted newspaper for your stems.  Any empty container can be your vase.  I liked ours because I could cut slits with the x-acto knife to position our popsicle stick stems, but you could do the same with an empty oatmeal container turned upside down, or even a plastic tub like a yogurt cup.  To decorate the vase, you can use wrapping paper, construction paper, or just continue to break out the paints if you don't have scrapbook paper.

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