October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Die-o-rama!

Ahhh Pinterest Parties.  A chance to get out of the house, spend some time doing all the fun pins I might not otherwise get to, and basically have a 3-hour therapy session complete with cheese and desserts.  Yesterday was another one for the books and I'm glad we have another one coming up so soon.  So what did I work on yesterday?  I spent about 30 minutes on my pumpkin die-o-rama and the rest of the time in pom pom hell, but that's for another post.
I got this amazing idea from Pinterest last year, just after Halloween.  I'm so glad Pinterest exists so I can just look through my Fall board to remember these fun projects!  A trip to Michaels was all I needed to get the goodies for this fun scene, and it really was easy to put it all together.

Isn't that so great!?!?  I have two electric votives in there.  One is behind the haunted house, and the other is buried in the moss on the left.


  • Large white hollow foam pumpkin.  Michael's pretty much sells these half off all fall.
  • Serrated pumpkin carving knife
  • Wet floral foam block (green)
  • 1 medium bag fake moss
  • 4 small ravens
  • 3 small skeletons
  • 3-d haunted house scrapbook sticker
  • Halloween scrapbook sticker set (included the moon, tree, grave stone, bat, and spider stickers)
  • 2 small flameless electric tea lights
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  1. Use the serrated knife to cut out the opening in the front of the pumpkin.
  2. Cut the foam block to fit inside your pumpkin.  I cut it in half, put the large half in the center of pumpkin, and cut the remaining part in two, to go on either side of the large piece.
  3. Hot glue the top of the foam and cover with moss.  Fill gaps between foam block and pumpkin with loose moss.
  4. Place one votive in the back of the pumpkin, and rest haunted house sticker in front of it.  You'll want to be able to move the haunted house to turn the candle on and off, so don't secure it in place.  It should be able to rest against the candle and pumpkin and stay in place just fine.
  5. Place scrapbook stickers throughout the pumpkin.  I did hot glue the moon because it was a thicker, glassy thing that came with the haunted house.  I wasn't sure if it would stick well to the pumpkin so when in doubt, hot glue.
  6. Place the skeletons wherever desired.  I left two whole (one is laying by the grave, the other is hanging from a noose, hot glued to the top of the pumpkin), and broke one up to have bones scattered around the scene.
  7. Place the ravens where desired.  I do recommend hot gluing them in place, especially so you can have them floating or resting on top of things.  I have one sitting on a rib cage and another glued to the haunted house.
  8. Hide remaining tea light under a fluffy patch of loose moss, again so you can remove to light and put back easily.
Ta da!  Look how impressive you are, with almost 0 skill required.  :)

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